Michal Kleofas Oginski - a unique figure in European history and culture

Historically, as many as three European countries - Belarus, Poland and Lithuania - consider Michal Kleofas Oginski as one of their most important cultural figures and a national genius. Oginski was born on the territory of modern Poland; he lived most of his life in his family estate in Zalesye, a village  105 km west from Minsk. He also lived for a long time in Vilnius, Paris and London. Oginski died and was buried in Florence.Read more

Information about the Lodge

Dear Friends,

You are visiting the website of the Belarusian Freemasonry, the lodge Michal Kleofas Oginski. We set as our goal the revival and development of the beautiful cultural, philosophical and charitable traditions that have been created by the Belarusian Masons since 1776.

Today, several Belarusian Lodges, have the opportunity to meet in Vilnius, Kyiv, Warsaw and Moscow officially, and only one Lodge, M.K. Oginski, holds its official meetings in Minsk, strictly in accordance the Masonic laws, as well as the laws of our country.

The Honourable Lodge M. K. Oginski has nothing to do with the Grand Lodge of Belarus, nor with the Grand Lodge of Russia. The primary purpose of the members of the Honourable Lodge M. K. Oginski is charitable, cultural and educational activities.

We consider it very important to inform the public about our activities and pursue a policy of the highest possible openness, leaving, according to the ancient tradition, only one secret - our names.